Temporary Visas

We advise and assist in all Temporary visa classes.


Temporary visas are exactly that…………….Temporary.

They are time dependent and will expire with the  passage of time.

Please Note :-  With a strategy some can be used as a ‘Stepping Stone’ to a Permanent Australian visa.

  • Temporary visas have conditions placed on them which must be adhered to.
  • If you ignore visa conditions, you run the risk of visa cancellation and deportation from Australia.
  • Australia does enforce its Migration Laws, so make sure you get the right advice and right visa to meet your needs.
  • Having the wrong visa could severely tie you down.
  • Make sure you get qualified advice from a Registered Migration Agent.

Some of the more popular temporary visas are:-

Tourist, Temporary worker, Student, Business, Sponsored Employee, Occupational Trainee, Entertainers, Sports People, Religious workers, Retirement, Partner, Family and Domestic worker.

This is not a complete list of all the temporary visas available, there are many more.

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