FAQs & Fees

Before, we accept a client; we must assess their chances of success.

It is not in our mutual interests for your application to fail. The Dept. of Home Affairs will report poor visa success rates to our regulator, the MARA.

If you have any other questions please contact us.

Yes, you can.

But it is not as easy as it looks, as many people have found to their cost!

Many applications are rejected because people fail to understand exactly what the Department of Home Affairs require for an application to be ‘Valid’ and then subsequently successful.
Australian Immigration Law is complex and changes frequently. Mistakes or ambiguity on an application  can lead to visa refusal.

Dept. Case officers deal with applications ‘As Submitted’.
It is not their role to prompt, assist or guide you.
Interpretation of law and procedure can at times be an issue. In these cases you need someone who knows the law and how to protect your interests. Once submitted there are NO REFUNDS or assistance from the Dept apothekefurmenschen.de.

Just as it’s not in our mutual interest to take you on as a client when your application has little hope of success, it is also not in our mutual interest for you to receive an invoice that you are going to have difficulty paying.

For this reason we do provide a comprehensive schedule of work and a cost order. We do offer a ‘Cost Capping’ option which allows you to budget for your application.

As each case is unique, involving different types and amounts of work we do not have a ‘One Size, fits all fee structure’.

Not very helpful I hear you say!

If you do get a quote without being assessed ask how it was arrived at!

To answer this question you need to be professionally assessed, where your visa options are explored. You will then be supplied with a comprehensive schedule and cost order. As required by the MARA ‘Code of Conduct’.

Our total fee is split into stages arabmenhealth.com. You are given a breakdown of charges and stages and are only committed to the stage you are at.

You can cap your fee at every stage of the process.

The Department of Home Affairs have a scale of visa charges, the fee depends on which visa you apply for.

In addition to Dept. visa charges; there can be other visa related costs, which vary and will depend on the visa you seek.
I.e. Skills assessment fees, X Rays, Police and Health checks.

To enter Australia as a lawful non-citizen, for any purpose, you require a visa. A Registered Migration Agent can determine which visa best suits your needs.

Even if you have a Police record, it is still possible with expert advice and guidance.

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