Permanant (Migrant) Visas

Although many people refer to ‘Permanent’ visas there is no such thing. All visas issued for entry, are time dependent….they do expire!

  • Permanent (Migrant) visas allow you to enter Australia and make it your home.
  • You can stay as long as you wish as a ‘Permanent Resident’
  • Permanent Resident’s are afforded many rights in Australia.
  • When you fulfil residency requirements you can, if you wish, apply to become an Australian Citizen.

During the life span of a Migrant (Permanent) visa you are allowed multiple entries into Australia.
Which means you can leave and return on the same visa many times.

If you seek Australian Citizenship make sure you fully understand residency requirements

When the Migrant (Permanent) visa expires, if you wish to leave Australia and return as a ‘Permanent Resident’. You must be in possession of a ‘Resident Return Visa’, unless you have obtained Australian Citizenship.

Make sure you get qualified advice from a Registered Migration Agent.

The more popular Migrant (Permanent) visas are:-

  • General Skilled (Independent, Sponsored,)
  • Employer Nominated and Regional Sponsored
  • Family (Parent, Child, Partner)
  • Business (Business Owner, Investor, Business Talent)

This is not a complete list of Migrant (Permanent) visas, there are many more.

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